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Featured Items:
Feather-Light Flywheel
Restoration Program EN24 Steel, "Feather-light" 6 pound Mini Flywheel with integral ring gear (suits race starter). This is no ordinary "Ultra-light" flywheel. Not only is this masterpiece lighter than the KAD aluminum one, it is much stronger and is designed for long life. An added feature of the design and construction is the strengthening in the tapered section that makes it far easier to remove from the crankshaft. Original stock factory flywheel weighs about 16.5 pounds. With over 10 pounds savings in rotational weight, this flywheel provides the equivalent of taking about 250 pounds out of the total weight of the car, resulting in fantastic acceleration gains.
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Mini Mania Motors
Built by the experts at Mini Mania.

Engines From Mini Mania

The "Ultimate Street Performance Engine" from Mini Mania is the result of 30+ years of building and racing our own Mini Coopers.
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Engines From Mini Mania
The rebored 1275cc motor includes high compression (9.75:1) performance pistons, a Lomgman cylinder head and a fast road camshaft (276 degrees duration).
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Engines From Mini Mania
We sell these engines ready to bolt in and run, which means, of course, that they are already mated with transmissions..
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Popular Items:
Mini Cooper Workshop Manual
Mini Cooper Workshop Manual The Haynes series of manuals are the best manuals for general maintenance as well as for major repairs and overhauls. Everything is covered from checking the oil to rebuilding the engine. No Mini owner should be without one.
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LED Replacement Tail Lights
Mini Cooper Workshop Manual Here is a simple way to brighten your tail lights and improve safety. Our LED tail light bulb conversion kit dramatically improves visibility from the rear, day and night. LED 'bulbs' are ultra-long lasting and durable - you may never need to replace your tail lights again! Sold per pair.
Upgrade those dim tailights today!

Pertronix Ignitor
Pertronix Ignitor "Fixed Point" electronic ignition conversion. The two best features of the new Pertronix Ignitor electronic ignition conversion kit are the low price and the fact that it fits entirely inside your stock distributor cap!
Upgrade your ignitor!

Gas Prices Got You Down?
Improving Your Mini Cooper Gas Mileage
Most engines (and all Minis) use an electric spark to start the burning of the fuel/air mixture which in turn powers the car. If the engine is to run properly this 'electric spark' must happen at the exact right time. Setting your timing means you adjusting the time the plug fires relative to the position of the piston.
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Spark Plugs Overview
Spark Plugs Overview This guide was designed to assist the technician, hobbyist, or race mechanic in understanding, using, and troubleshooting spark plugs. The information contained in this guide applies to all types of internal combustion engines: two stroke engines, rotary engines, high performance/racing engines and street vehicles.
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Remanufactured Stock Distributors
Remanufactured Stock Distributors Remanufactured stock distributors are good as new at half the price. As a distibutor wears out the control of ignition timing is increasingly difficult. While it is an easy project to replace the points and condensor, the distributor shaft and bushings that is worn will result in poor running, lower gas mileage and could even cause hard starting.
Replace your worn out distributor now!

Popular Articles:
Engines from Mini Mania
Engines from Mini Mania This article is by far our number one most popular classic mini article with over 113,000 hits! If you can dream it, we can build it!
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Putting a Honda VTEC engine in a standard roundnose Mini
Putting a Honda VTEC engine in a standard roundnose Mini If you have decided that your Mini needs a more powerful, more reliable engine than the venerable A-series , and have decided that a Honda VTEC engine is the way to go, this swap guide will provide you with some guidance and suggestions to address some of the many challenges and decisions you will face.
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How to ID your Mini!
How to ID your Mini! This useful interactive tool will help you figure out once and for all what model your mini really is!!!
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Other Interesting Stuff:
Earn a Commission!
Mini Mania Affiliate Program Place a Mini Mania banner and link on your home page, and earn a 5% commission on all on-line sales made through your website. No set-up fees, minimum sales levels or other hidden charges; you'll receive a check every six months. This is an excellent opportunity for Mini clubs to raise money for the treasury, or for Mini dealers to get added income with very little effort and no overhead costs.
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We now accept PayPal! We now accept Paypal as an alternative form of payment. Because many of you have Paypal accounts and like the ease of use that Paypal provides, we want to help you out by offering Paypal payment option at MiniMania.com!
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How to ID your Mini!
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