Mini Mania is excited to announce our participation in KONI's 2017 Season of Performance Sale & Rebate Event! 
The promotion runs March 1, 2017 - May 31, 2017.

- First, all of our KONI shocks are ON SALE up to 40% OFF regular list price. 

- Second, get up to a $70 consumer rebate with the purchase of a set of four KONI shock absorbers or suspension kits.

** Please CLICK HERE to learn more about the program and download the rebate form. Please note that the you must turn in the purchase receipt and the UPC code(s) in order to qualify for the rebate. The KONI part number(s) MUST be listed on the receipt otherwise the claim will be denied. Sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Koni Str.t (Street) Shocks for MINI Cooper R50, R52, R53

KONI’s entry level performance line STR.T (pronounced "Street") shocks and struts bring improved performance and handling as well as KONl quality to the budget minded driving enthusiast enhancing performance at a value price point. The KONI STR.T product line is designed for excellent original equipment (OE) replacement or to complement other suspension modifications, including lowering springs. The KONI STR.T product line offers a limited lifetime warranty as with most KONI products.

If you compare the prices with the stock replacements, you will see the 'value' in these replacements. These may be entry level for KONI, but they are still KONI's. KONI knows shocks, dampers and struts - that's what they do!

KONI Sport Mini Cooper Shocks - Available for all models

Upgrade your MINI suspension with KONI adjustable shocks for improved ride control and improved handling. Compatible with original equipment springs or with a performance spring upgrade. KONI has long been a leader in performance shock technology.

At the softest setting (recommended for stock springs), these shocks offer slightly softer compression with a slightly stiffer rebound. Eliminates the 'bounciness' with the stock shocks. Depending on your driving style, you can stiffen the shocks for more spirited driving or track applications.

KONI FSD MINI Cooper Shocks - Available for all models

KONI's 'GOLD' FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) is the first premium shock absorber that offers the best of both worlds: superior handling and control without compromising ride quality. FSD is firm to control large body motions and improved cornering but soft for comfort over expansion joints and rough roads. KONI FSD not only adds comfort and refinement but also improves grip and safety in daily driving.

The KONI FSD's revolutionary technology was designed and patented by KONI to end the compromise between comfort and road-holding. These shocks automatically adjust to road conditions as well as driving style, delivering greater stability and control - and therefore greater driving pleasure.

KONI Sport MINI Cooper Lowering Kit for R56, R58, R59

Complete car-set kits consisting of KONl high performance, adjustable Sport shocks, struts and precisely fitting Eibach lowering springs. KONl Sport struts and shocks are the industry leader for user adjustable damping for daily drivers to weekend warriors. KONl Sport's familiar yellow color has for decades meant superior motion control and adjustability for the discerning driving enthusiast.

The combination of proper dampening and matched springs provides the best solution for improved handling. Lowering the center of gravity greatly enhances the turn-in response, and proper dampening ensures your MINI will be planted throughout the turn.

More About  

KONIs are not the average shock absorber, they feature a number of standards that make them unique:




KONIs are adjustable, which means that you can influence the behavior of the car to meet your preferences (ride comfort, handling balance, etc.). It also means that wear can be compensated. (However, you will probably never need it.)  


They are designed for a specific car or even special driving conditions. A KONI is not a simple copy of the original but a tailor made design to get the best handling and ride characteristics from the vehicle.


KONIs improve the ride and handling of your car. The damping characteristics are developed for each particular application. Our specialists keep on testing and modifying until they are convinced they reached the optimum in both handling and comfort.  


Do not forget that safety is a major issue. The handling of your car is essential for safe driving. Here the qualities of the KONI shock absorber make a great contribution.  


Involved drivers have their wishes, and KONI fulfills them in most cases. Why .... ?? The KONI people are involved drivers themselves, so they know.


Last but not least, KONl's are built to last a lifetime. Once you have bought a set of KONl's for your car, they usually will outlive it. KONI street shocks carry a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser for as long as you own the vehicle.