The story of a MINI Cooper 'Truck' from a friend of ours!

"Hi, Again, Don:

This is the Mini with the stuff piled outside.  And the story is:
Grace was driving the Mini to San Luis Obispo to visit her parents when the engine went dead in Lathrop, outside of Fresno.  I went to rescue her with our Subaru station wagon.  When I got there, all I had to do was to unhooked the Unichip to get the Mini going again.  So, Grace takes the Subaru, and I take the Mini.  Grace has a successful trip, and I have no more problems with the Mini.  HOWEVER:

I had promised to bring a load of my tools and equipment to a bus stop kiosk construction project that I am part of for Leadership Auburn.  Grace was in SLO with the Subaru, and I had the Mini.  To solve this transportation challenge, I laid out all of the equipment that I needed and pondered.  After just a short while, I was able to stuff most of the equipment that I needed into the Mini.  The only equipment that I could not load was a second ladder or mortar tub, as I did not have a roof rack.  The Mini as a truck was a success.  Now all I have to do is do a thoroughly clean up of the Mini . . . eventually.

MINI Cooper Truck

All loaded and ready to go!

Mini Cooper Truck