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1969 Mini Clubman - CA ($6,000)
1969 Mini Clubman - CA ($6,000) "A couple months ago I rolled the car from the storage shop to the work shop. The first task was to see if the motor would run after all the years. It had been set into the car but not run. It was reported to be a late model 1275cc engine that was running when removed from it's original home. As the wiring in the Mini Clubman was a little suspect it was necessary to simply hot-wire everything to at least run the engine. After the wiring, the fuel system was tackled. The engine is equipped with a mechanical fuel pump and thus cranking from a dry system is not good for the battery. So I also hot wired an electric fuel pump. Then the single 1 3/4" HIF carb had to be rebuilt just to be sure it. It is just one thing after another, but finally it is running! Next steps will be all the electrical, cables, interior, etc. etc."