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FREE Camshaft!
With Purchase of
Performance Head

Cooper - Sale:$1,895.00

FREE Camshaft!
With Purchase of
Performance Head

Cooper S - Sale $1,895.00

High Performance
Ultrik Enhanced Header

Sale: $599.95

JCW Carbon Fiber
Mirror Covers


JCW Carbon Fiber
Hood Scoop


JCW Intake
Air Filter

Sale: $89.00

JCW Sport
Brake Kit


JCW Side
Marker Scuttle


TREAT yourself!

MINI Hybrid

Sale: $109.95

Luggage Set

Sale: $129.95

MINI Definition
T Shirt


MINI Umbrella

Sale $33.95

Autumn leaves are falling, is your MINI covered? Protect your Mini from the elements!

Natural Hazards To Your MINI Cooper Paint: Did you know that even non-industrial chemical sources can be hazardous to your paint? Splattered bugs, bird droppings, and dead autumn leaves all have the ingredients for a destructive chemical mess. When wet leaves sit on your cars finish for a few days, chemicals can etch down into the paint. In some parts of the country this can be so common that it happens even on new car lots. If the leaves are not cleaned almost every day, the paint can be so severely damaged that only a complete re-paint can make it look good again. Bird dropping can be an even worse problem. The problem is worst on the flat surfaces of the bonnet and top. After they dry up they then are baked into the paint with the sun. And in some areas of the country, even the water from a Sprinkler will leaves stains on your paint! Protect your car- put a car cover on it!

Car Cover

Sale: $229.95

Union Jack
Car Cover


JCW Indoor
Car Cover


Car Cover


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The Holidays are coming! Here are some great gift ideas! The Holidays are coming! Here are some great gift ideas!

1:18 Scale

Sale: $105.95

Mini Cooper
Cuckoo Clock

Sale: $149.95

The Book



From $10.00

The Holidays are coming! Here are some great gift ideas! The Holidays are coming! Here are some great gift ideas!

Sprint Booster - User Feedback!

"I installed it in less than 5 minutes and I have to tell the skeptics that YOU ABSOLUTELY DO NOTICE IT IMMEDIATELY. Crisp immediate throttle response from idle all the way to the red line. Those of you that have the SMG can get a feel of what the SB would do by driving your car in non-sport mode and then pushing the "sport" button and noticing how much the throttle response is improved. Well the SB improves the throttle response over the "sport" mode in a similar way. It's like having another "more aggressive" sport mode that has even faster throttle response. The only difference is that sport mode also improves shift speed and SB doesn't, but as ECF said because of the immediate throttle response it "seems" like shift speed is also improved."

"I want to share my experience with the Sprintbooster. First, I've got to say that this is definitely a good mod if you're a performance enthusiast. As the others have mentioned, the car feels more 'alive' and also far more sporty. The sprintbooster basically reduces the lag from the ECT by multiplying a certain amount you press on the gas pedal. So say before installing SB you have to press the pedal half way down to get your RPM jumping high to around 3-4k RPM. Now you only need to press it 1/4 down to get your RPM to the same point."

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