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Created: September 10, 2003
Finished result Parts included in decal kit Items needed: car wash, clean water, soap spray, squeegee, silicon remover/grease remover 1. Do not apply while c...
Installing Inner Wheel Arch Liner Kit
Created: May 14, 2013
Wheel arch liner kit CAML01 is designed to fit all classic minis however they do need some modifications to ensure an exact fit. This guide is written such that anyone considering purchasing a set of these wheel liners will understand how well they fit and what is required to install a set.
GS130273 Bonnet Release fitting instructions
Created: June 21, 2007
Fitting instructions for remote bonnet/hood release kit
Created: August 09, 2015
Installing the T7 Heater in our Mark I Cooper S
Created: February 13, 2013
Installing the T7 Heater in our Mark I Cooper S Republished with permission from cooperroadmini.com The heater was not among the pile of parts that were in the heap we started with on Cooper Road. As we’ve built this Mini, the heater was hardly a priority, but now that the car is presentable a...
Voltage Stabilizer
Created: May 02, 2008
Supplemental Information & Instructions for C34770A Voltage Stabilizer, Negative Ground 13H3554 Voltage Stabilizer, Positive Ground A Little History Many British cars produced through the mid 1960s have moving-iron gauges that are fed directly from the battery through a wire th...
Created: January 27, 2014
The proper end gap assures a good combustion seal (minimum blowby) and allows adequate clearance between the ends of the rings so they do not butt up against each other and cause the rings to scuff or bind.
Mini Automatic to Manual Conversion Basic Information
Created: February 24, 2010
Mini Automatic to Manual Conversion Basic Information The following is an overview of the steps to convert a Mini from an automatic transmission to one with a manual transmission/gearbox. It is not a step by step description of all the possible combinations you ma...
Honda K Series Engine Conversion for Classic Mini
Created: November 02, 2007
 MTK Installation Manual  For Classic Minis 1959 – 2001         Dear Customer,We welcome you to the Honda Powered Mini World. Thank you and Congratulations for your purchase. You can be certain that you have made a wise choice with this upgra...
MTD Installation Manual for Classic Minis 1959-2001
Created: October 04, 2007
The purpose of this kit is to make your Honda VTEC installation easy and hassle free. We have taken the research and development headaches out of the install so that you do not have to deal with all of that.
C-AEG619 Ultra-light flywheel fitting instructions
Created: June 21, 2007
This flywheel is not balanced so should be before use, along with the prospective clutch assembly. Before fitting the Mini Spares Ultra-light steel flywheel, carefully examine the crankshaft taper for any burrs or other protrusions caused by fret-welding of previous flywheels. All protrusions of an...
Honda B-Series Conversion: MT10000 Installation Instructions
Created: August 11, 2006
 Click to viewMT10000 Installation Instructions (PDF Format) Honda Engine Conversions to Classic Minis, 1959 - 2001 ...
Fuel Systems
C-STN17 Stage One fitting instructions
Created: June 21, 2007
Although the 998/1300 stage one kits are bolt on parts easily fitted by any person with mechanical knowledge, the following must be understood. 1) The engine will require adjustment/tuning after fitment and specialist equipment or knowledge is required. It is advisable to have the car set up on a ro...
Created: June 21, 2007
Inlet manifold informationThese single SU carb manifolds were developed to provide optimum airflow and air speed for the vast majority of road-used cars. The development program saw a significant increase in efficiency following production to the point where they are the best 'off the shelf'...
Flash2Pass™ Installation for MINI
Created: October 14, 2011
The Flash2Pass™ transmitter and receiver are designed as a do-it-yourself installation.
Created: September 16, 2005
HOW TO CONVERT FROM GENERATOR TO ALTERNATOR Download this document in PDF format for printing   Minis built up to 1969 (i.e. MKI  &  MKII) were positive ground;  MKIII and onwards were built ...
Created: January 29, 2000
These mirrors were originally designed to fit Mini doors that already had fixing holes provided by the factory. Depending on YOUR door there are three alternative methods of fitment.
Classic Mini Interior Restoration Guide
Created: September 10, 2014
Building your Mini from the ground up? Or simply doing a rolling restoration, take advantage of our experience to recommend the parts and accessories you need to get the job done right!
Created: April 01, 2013
Get the Sunvisor Kit Here Given enough time, the sun visors in your mini will begin to sag or flop down into your field of vision regardless if you use them or not. The hinges use a cam lobe system to apply pressure to a metal tube inside the sun visor to keep them where they should be. Hea...
Created: March 12, 2013
Where'd the heater go? The new T7 makes a lot more room for your toes, and a lot more heat for them too. Installing Mini Mania's T7 Lightweight Heater into the Classic Mini Under the dash lurked a multi-tubed Medusa that spat rust and Prestone at all who entered. I lacked the courage to ...
Created: February 18, 2013
 How to Install the Classic Mini Sun Visor Repair Kit SV2021  Given enough time, the sun visors in your mini will begin to sag or flop down into your field of vision regardless if you use them or not. The hinges use a cam lobe system to apply pressure to a metal tube inside the sun viso...
MS73 fitting instructions
Created: June 21, 2007
More acute attention to suspension geometry, particularly in motorsport use, has at long last been recognized as giving generally bigger increases in overall car performance than vast sums invested in the search for greater engine power out-puts.To facilitate full experimentation in this area, the M...
Created: June 21, 2007
Mini Spares has now further improved it's quality one-piece forged adjustable bottom front suspension arm to be on-car adjustable and accept all types of non-rod-end (Rose joint) bushings by including a purpose-forged trunnion. Safety critical, the one-piece forging is of the highest quality; fa...
Weather Strip
Removing sliding glass windows in a Mini Cooper
Created: September 22, 2010
Dig along the the bottom of the sliding window channel and you will find two or three phillips head screws. Get them out however you can and this is sometimes difficult because the original screws are steel and they rust.