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DIY Classic Mini Camshaft Articles

Adjustable belt drive timing kit, C-AJJ3328 (Technical Information)
The ubiquitous toothed belt cam drive system, originally developed for use on high performance race engines, is now generally accepted as the norm on all state of the art, modern engines. The application of this drive system gives very accurate ignition tming and quiet running, advantages that do not diminsh with time. The fibre glass reinforcing in the belt all but eliminates the stretch suffered - usually excessively - by chain driven systems. The retention of accurate ignition timing keeps performance at a peak, rather than deterioration suffered with the scatter induced by chain drives. The MINI SPARES KIT enables the 'A' Series owner to benefit from such technology. The adjustable cam gear allows up to 9° of adjustment, facilitating accurate cam timing, particularly when installi...
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C-AJJ3327 Installation Notes (Technical Information)
'A' Series BMC IMPORTANT Supplied are 2 screws. Replace the original bolts with screws after modifying cover plate. Manufacturer's Statement: Rollmaster are C.N.C. machined, high tensile steel sprockets using double row O6B-2 chain. Care must be taken to inspect key & keyways & shafts for damage before fitting. Do not use pin punches as damage will occur. Use a drift such as a...
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CAM TIMING - Basic Notes (Calver's Corner)
To avoid lots of swearing and unnecessary damage, check the timing gears slide neatly onto their respective bosses. If tight, first check for any high spots in the gear bores and key-way slots. Clean out using with fine emery cloth, medium Wet 'n' Dry paper, or some such. Remove the Woodruff keys then dress the bosses using abrasive material as mentioned previously. Re-check fitment before re-fitt...
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CAM TIMING - Conventional method using DTI, etc... (Calver's Corner)
Equipment required - one 0.500” minimum capacity DTI with magnetic stand, 360-degree protractor and a piece of reasonably thick gauge wire to use as a pointer. Terminology -DTI - Dial Test Indicator/dial gaugeProtractor - degree wheelTDC - Top Dead Centre, when piston is at highest point in boreBTDC - Before Top Dead Centre, before piston reaches highest point in boreATDC - After Top Dead...
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CAM TIMING - Mechanical Method (Calver's Corner)
  Equipment required Stop plate mechanical stop plate for setting TDC (see text) Set of feeler blades. Terminology TDC - Top Dead Centre, when piston is at highest point in bore BTDC - Before Top Dead Centre, before piston reaches highest point in bore ATDC - After Top Dead Centre, after piston has reached highest point in bore Accurate piston position indication is the first go...
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Camshaft Drives (Technical Information)
Fitment of an uprated cam drive system is essential when building a performance orientated engine. Timing scatter induced by the standard set up can reach up to 15° once the single row chain has stretched, which it does after only a few miles. This scatter not only affects the cam timing, but also the ignition, the distributor being driven by the camshaft. Power loss suffered by this phenomeno...
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Camshaft Glossary (Technical Information)
 This Cam Glossary was created by Elgin Cams to help provide our clients  a tool which they can in turn use to decipher all the cryptic acronyms used in the cam grinding industry. Hope you find it useful. ABDC:  Crankshaft degrees After Bottom Dead Center. ADVERTISED DURATION:  See: “SEAT DURATION.” ATDC:  Crankshaft degrees After Top Dead Center. AREA...
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Camshaft Theory by Elgin (Technical Information)
Considerable information has been recorded about numerous aspects of the four stroke internal combustion engine. Nevertheless, only a small percentage of people really understand how it works and even fewer still know how to modify an engine to suit their needs. I will try to simplify this complex subject by discussing some basic principles that may be overlooked or misunderstood by the average pe...
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Camshafts - Scatter cams, pros and cons (Calver's Corner)
To scatter or not to scatter, that is the question. This whole 'scattering' deal has befuddled many. The only real prose produced on the subject, and 'advice' handed out by many so-called 'specialists' tends to be somewhat tainted with large chunks of mysticism - inferring there's some kind of black art involved. The simple fact is the principle is very basic and easy; it's getting a cam with the...
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Choosing The Right Timing Set For Your Engine (Technical Information)
Over the decades, Minis were produced with several styles of timing chains as requirements for performance or durability with bigger engines and heavier valve springs dictated.  The early small-bore engines used a single row chain and sprockets that were "tensioned" by two rubber disks affixed to the larger camshaft gear.    These placed axial loads on the chain, acting ...
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Did You Know? December 3, 2015 #now()# (Speciality Stores)
Did you know?If you are working on your engine and you want to do it right then you should consider how you are going to drive the camshaft. People often spend a lot of time picking the camshaft and then ignore the exact reason they spent so much time picking the cam. Driving the cam and controlling the timing relationships between the cam and the crank is what camshaft drive systems are all about...
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Duplex timing chain kit, C-AJJ3323 (Technical Information)
The front place will have to be countersunk as shown "X" to take the screws CMZ407, which will replace the existing hexagon headed screws, which would foul on the timing chain. Check for clearance on chain all round and align gears as per workshop manual. When using "A" plus timing covers, there is a small round pressing at the bottom which needs making flat to allow timing chain clearance.Ensure ...
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Duplex timing chain kit, C-AJJ3325 (Technical Information)
CONTENTS:-PART NUMBER          DESCRIPTION                            QUANTITY C-AEG578                   Camshaft ...
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Duplex timing chain kit, C-AJJ3327 (Technical Information)
CONTENTS:-PART NUMBER                            DESCRIPTION                         QUANTITY C-AEG578    &...
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Kent Camshaft Fitting Rules (Technical Information)
Basic fitting rules: The installation and first few moments of running are critical factors in the life of the camshaft and the following instructions have been devised in order to obtain maximum performance from the engine and to ensure a long and trouble free life from both the camshaft and associated components. These points are designed to be used in conjunction with the origi...
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Kent Camshaft Timing (Technical Information)
Kent Cam Timing: There are a number of different methods of cam timing. We at Kent Cams use either the 'Lift at Top Dead Centre' method, or the 'Full Lift Position method' Full Lift Position method: For many years the most commonly used method has involved establishing top dead center (TDC) as a datum (zero degrees) and positioning your camshaft with its inlet valve at maximum l...
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Valve train - Setting valve clearances (lash) (Calver's Corner)
 The A-series engine cam followers were originally designed to use 0.010-in clearance between the cam follower and standard cams to allow for heat expansion of the parts and ensure the valves would close properly. On sportier and race profile cams this went up to 0.012-in to cater for the higher running temperatures and far higher rpm capability/use. Because we set the clearance at ...
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Who is Kent Camshafts (Technical Information)
Who Is Kent Camshafts Put simply they are manufacturers of all types camshafts, specialising in motorsport, short production runs, pre production prototypes and one off’s, however their in house manufacturing expertise extends to valve retainers, adjustable cam pulley’s, valve guides, chain gears, poly-v belt pulley’s, cam followers and shims. They also offer a be...
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Why is a camshaft like the heater in your house? (Technical Information)
Why is a camshaft like the heater in your house? If you were building a house how would you decide what heating system to install?  If you built the house without glass in windows you would need a very large heater.  If you built the house with no openings except a door you may need a different system.  If you built the house to live in Alaska you would need a different system alto...
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