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DIY Classic Mini Electrical Articles

123 Distributor Aplication Guide (Technical Information)
This table can be used as a guide to selecting the appropriate curve for your particular application. Select either the standard engine specification, or if you have a distributor with a curve that works well already, you can read the Lucas service number from the side of the distributor body to match. Service number 123/Mini curve Application 40767 C 848 Mini UK Vehicles Regular Fuel 40768 F 850 Mini 40774 3 997 Mini Cooper HC 40819 C Mini Cooper S Mk III, 1275 cc 40873 F 997 Mini Cooper LC 40899 C Minor, Van and Pickup, 1098 mini Low Compression 40931 4 Mini early including Wolseley Hornet and Riley Elf 40941 F 850 mini  Late Model High Compression 40955 F* 998 Mini Cooper High Compression 40958 F* 998 Mi...
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Alternator Conversion Instructions (Technical Information)
HOW TO CONVERT FROM GENERATOR TO ALTERNATOR The polarity of the alternator can not be changed, so if the alternator you have does not conform to your car, you must change your car. If you bought your alternator from Mini Mania, it IS NEGATIVE GROUND. The existing car polarity can be checked by looking at the battery to determine which of the battery leads go to ground. The ACR series alternat...
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Bebuilding Our Ancilliaries (Restoration)
Next up was the generator and starter motor. While these items are available either rebuilt or new, we prefer rebuilding things ourselves, as we’ve had a lot of trouble with new and rebuilt components. The pressure to keep prices competitive has taken its toll on parts quality. Rebuilding a generator is pretty straight forward. You have brushes that wear and bearings that go bad. The w...
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Changing from Dynamo to Alternator (Technical Information)
Completing this change successfully, easily and neatly is pretty straight forward on a Mini. The alternator contains the regulator and cut out functions within it’s casing, so makes the regulator box used with a dynamo redundant. However, it is useful to retain the box itself and it’s connectors. It acts as a terminal box to make the installation neat, avoiding the messy and awkwar...
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DISTRIBUTOR - Electronic ignition (Calver's Corner)
Since the A-Series has such an efficient combustion chamber design, the standard points set-up is perfectly capable of providing sufficient sparks for effective combustion when new. And this is the problem. They require regular servicing to maintain maximum performance. This can be a chore, so is generally neglected. And it doesn't take long before deterioration seriously affects performance....
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Distributor Adapter (Technical Information)
Installation Notes Read all instructions thoroughly and check contents of kit for completeness before starting this installation. This kit allows the pre "A-plus" distributor to be used with an "A-plus"block. Rotate the engine until the No. 1 cylinder is at Top Dead Center (TDC no.1) with both valves closed. Remove the existing distributor drive spindle and install the 3A0009 Modifie...
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DISTRIBUTORS - working basics. (Technical Information)
Terminology -TDC - Top Dead CentreBTDC - Before Top Dead CentreDizzy - distributorCR - compression ratio To maximize power and economy potential from any engine, burning the compressed fuel/air mixture at precisely the right point throughout the engines entire rpm range is essential. This ‘point’ is generally somewhere before the piston reaches TDC on its power stroke de...
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Do's and Don’t of the 123 Distributor for the Mini Cooper (Technical Information)
The 123 Distributor is ultimate distributor for the entire range of Mini, Mini Cooper or Mini Cooper S models.   The 123 Distributor comes complete pre-wired for direct connection to your Ignition coil.   The 123 Distributor works with any coil of 1 ohm or larger. You can check for this resistance across the primary terminals. Pre 1974 Mini & Mini Coopers typically had coils in ...
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ELECTRICAL - Terminal fixation (Calver's Corner)
Despite having spent something in the order of 26 years delving into all things automotive and some 24 of those concentrating a great deal on the Mini, I have never assumed I know it all. In fact I'm very much one of those to support the 'you never stop learning' theory. My latest endeavours to get out racing again have caused me to look at all things connected (sorry - pun) with racecar preparati...
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Electrical polarity (Technical Information)
                               CHANGING ELECTRICAL POLARITY When fitting a new or rebuilt generator to your Mini, certain instructions will usually be found with it. These instructions advise the course of action to polarize the unit and are the s...
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Improving Your Mini Cooper Gas Mileage (Technical Information)
Most engines (and all Minis) use an electric spark to start the burning of the fuel/air mixture which in turn powers the car.  If the engine is to run properly this ‘electric spark’ must happen at the exact right time. Setting your timing means you adjusting the time the plug fires relative to the position of the piston.  Piston position is defined as follows: at the very top...
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Lamp Bar Installation Instructions (Technical Information)
Installation InstructionsRemove grille and overriders (if fitted the overriders can't be refitted) Remove the center fixing nut from the bumper, fit the center support bracket using the bumper nut and washer, bending the bracket towards the apron mark off and drill hole after offering bar up. Loosely assemble the 2 end brackets and then check alignment. The right angled sections of the brackets bo...
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Mini & Cooper Wiring Diagrams On-Line (Technical Information)
Wiring Diagrams for Various and AssortedMini & Mini Cooper These diagrams are high-resolution PDF documents. You will be able to zoom in to view detail, and print legible copies on your printer. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the documents; click here to download and install a free copy. Click here for a Wiring Harness Overview Each document below consists of a one-page ...
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MK III Turn Signals and Hazard Switches (Technical Information)
In Canada, MK III minis were imported with what was then an excellent new feature, "Hazard Lights." Sometimes called 4-way flashers, this switch allows the turn signal lamps of both left and right sides of the car to work at the same time regardless of the ignition being turned on. There is a little bit going on inside that switch to make this happen, and a failure here can lead to turn ...
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Smiths Voltage Stabilizers - REVISED (Technical Information)
REVISED 2012 Edition PDF - Click HERE to view   Smiths Voltage Stabilizers  Rev.01 Doug Lawson ( June, 2006 What is covered: The following document discusses the operation of the basic Smiths voltage stabilizer as used to operate electrical gauges on British vehicles. Methods of replacement and testing are also discussed. Though discussed, me...
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Troubleshooting Lucas Points (Technical Information)
Troubleshooting Lucas Points Ignition Systems Rev.02 Doug Lawson ( ) July, 2006 What is Covered:   The following document discusses the operation of the basic “points type” ignition system. Included are steps to troubleshoot the ignition system. This document presents a negative ground system only. Please read the Theory of Opera...
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Turn Signal & light Switches (Technical Information)
Finding the correct turn signal indicator switch and, or light switch is best done by visually matching up the current switch from the chart listed below....
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Voltage Stabilizer (Installation Instructions)
Supplemental Information & Instructions for  C34770A Voltage Stabilizer, Negative Ground 13H3554 Voltage Stabilizer, Positive Ground A Little History Many British cars produced through the mid 1960s have moving-iron gauges that are fed directly from the battery through a wire that is live when the ignition is switched on. Fuel gauges of this type have two characteristics; the ...
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Wiper Switch Conversion (Technical Information)
Download instructions on converting a single-speed wiper switch to a two-speed switch Click here for instructions in PDF format ...
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