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DIY Classic Mini Ignition Articles

123 Ignition Mounting Instructions (Technical Information)
Mounting instructions for the '123ignition' type : 123\MINI-R-V & 123\MINI-R-V-A+ for : all 6 & 12 Volt cars, negative earth only ! IMPORTANT Please read the entire instructions before you begin installation. If after reading you are unsure of the procedure to be followed, please ask someone who knows or visit www.TDCperformance.ca for additional information. Remember to work safely. STEP 1: Find the static timing point On the old distributor, note the position of the ignition wire to the number one cylinder. Number one is beside the radiator and the firing order is 1-3-4-2. Remove the distributor cap and turn the engine in its normal direction so that the rotor almost points to the number one cylinder position, ie the 2 o’clock position. Now carefully turn the engine...
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DISTRIBUTOR - Electronic ignition (Calver's Corner)
DISTRIBUTOR - Electronic ignition Since the A-Series has such an efficient combustion chamber design, the standard points set-up is perfectly capable of providing sufficient sparks for effective combustion when new. And this is the problem. They require regular servicing to maintain maximum performance. This can be a chore, so is generally neglected. And it doesn't take long before deterioration ...
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DISTRIBUTOR - What the A-Series Ignition needs (Calver's Corner)
Terminology - Dizzy - Distributor CR - Compression Ratio VE - Volumetric Efficiency Any dizzy can be set to get maximum power. No problem. Unfortunately that's only one spot on the whole power curve/rpm range. If the curve isn't right elsewhere, the engine will be either loosing power - in some instances by substantial amounts - or detonating its self into oblivion and a costly re-build. ...
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DISTRIBUTOR- Initial ignition timing set-up (Calver's Corner)
Terminology- Dizzy- Distributor TDC- Top Dead Centre BTDC- Before Top Dead Centre ATDC- After Top Dead Centre CR- Compression Ratio Tacho- Tachometer, rev counter (not to be confused with Mexican food delicacy!) Vac- vacuum (pipe, unit, etc.) Any deviation away from the original standard engine specification, or where a dizzy from another source is used in the engine you have, the ignition...
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Ignition - Ballast Resisted Systems (Calver's Corner)
I'd like a pound coin for every time I've been asked about what these are all about and why they are used. Folk seem to hold them in some kind of awe - but they are very simple.   The ballast resisted ignition system was  - I believe - developed by Ford when they were experiencing poor starting on a certain prodigiously-used 4-cylinder engine. To get round the issue of the massive cur...
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IGNITION - Establishing a TDC reference point (Calver's Corner)
Terminology - TDC - Top Dead Centre BTDC - Before Top Dead Centre Establishing an accurate TDC reference point is of paramount importance when developing and monitoring ignition timing (and cam timing come to that). When an experienced engine builder assembles an engine - no matter whether for road or race - he will establish an accurate TDC indicator that can be used for ignition purposes. ...
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IGNITION - Possible pre-ignition/pinking cause (Calver's Corner)
Something that came to light during a conversation with a colleague and friend may be worth passing along! It's one of those things that, once ingested, lurks in the dark corners of the mind until a pertinent situation comes along. Such a situation reared its head a couple of weeks back - so now's the time to spread the word before it disappears back into obscurity.   Engines that run on or...
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Ignition Tune-Up Kits- classic Mini (Technical Information)
Mini Cooper Ignition Tune-Up Kits With Mini Mania's Classic Mini Cooper's Ignition Kit, rebuilding your ignition just got easier. Everything you need, all in one package. 25D Tune-Up Kit  (MMKT0704) Basic ignition tune-up kit with side-entry distributor cap, includes: DC1/DDB101 = Side Entry Distributor Cap, RA1/DRB101 = Pre'74 Rotor Arm, GCS101 = Pre'74 Points,C1/DCB101 = Pre'74 C...
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Ignition: What's Needed (Calver's Corner)
Firstly - re-runs or re-hashes of technical literary prose always brings to light either new, or old forgotten subjects for close scrutiny/re-examination. The arrival of 'A Well Known A-Series Tuning Bible' is no exception. Good news as far as I'm concerned as it keeps me gainfully employed!   This dissertation is centred upon that old chestnut 'ignition systems'. Technologic...
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Pertronix Ignition Application Questions (Technical Information)
Is the Ignitor™ a "universal" electronic ignition conversion?What type of applications can the Ignitor™ be used in?I have an engine with a point distributor, but I can't find a listing in your Application Guide? How difficult is it to install an Ignitor™?Is PerTronix interested in making kits for applications, currently not covered in their product range? What applications are covered with the Per...
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