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DIY Classic Mini Piston Articles

There are lots of differing opinions when it comes to engine assembly and ring end gap. Checking and/or adjusting the end gaps of the pistons rings when new rings are installed is a sane first step. Correct end gaps assures a good combustion seal which is critical to  minimize blow-by.  The correct clearance between the ends of the rings also assure they do not butt up against each other and cause the rings to scuff the cylinder walls. The first step is to place the ring to be checked into the bore in such a way as to keep it 'square'.  this is best done by simply inverting the piston to puch the ring into the bore being careful not to scuff the bore if the rings are overlapping. Squaring the rings in the bore will allow for an precise measurement of the end g...
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PISTONS - Favorable Features for Maximum Performance (Calver's Corner)
Having determined what sort of material best suits your needs/application, the main design and detail features of the piston now need consideration. The over-riding factor that influences just what is best for an A-Series engine is the block's propensity for flex at higher rpm, and the crank's equal propensity for flex at the same sort of rpm levels. Both combine to require a piston that is as sta...
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PISTONS - Whys and Wherefores (Calver's Corner)
This is another of those subjects abused for ‘bar stool b*llsh*t’ one-upmanship. Ignorance is the main problem. Particularly as trying to get any really useful information out of the manufacturers concerned. Try ‘phoning AE Hepolite technical. Getting hold of someone takes real perseverance. Having achieved that meagre goal, enquiring about piston specification gets those ‘...
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Small bore piston applications (Technical Information)
Small piston applications and availability have been changing over time.  A number of different pistons have been discontinued and/or superseded and thus this Quick Reference chart we hope will help..NOTE- Connecting rods for a Circlip piston will not accept Press-fit pistons   ...
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