Installation Notes Read all instructions thoroughly and check contents of kit for completeness before starting this installation. This kit allows the pre "A-plus" distributor to be used with an "A-plus"block. Rotate the engine until the No. 1 cylinder is at Top Dead Center (TDC no.1) with both valves closed. Remove the existing distributor drive spindle and install the 3A0009 Modified Drive (ref # 2) found in this kit. Refer to a workshop manual for proper clocking. Slip the 3A0007 Adapter (ref # 1) over the end of the distributor and insert the distributor into the block. Hold the adapter flush against the boss on the block and measure the gap between the underside of the adapter and the block at the 3/8"bolt hole. Assemble a stack of aircraft washers (included) with a height equal to the measured gap +/- 0.016". Slip this stack between the adapter and the block and attach the adapter with the 3/8" bolt and toothed lockwasher. Note: the difference between the measured gap and washer stack height can be reduced to less than 0/016" if desired by fabricating a suitable shim washer or by lightly filing the block at the attaching point. Loosely attach the distributor to the adapter with the 1/4"-20 bolts, washers and lockwashers. Set ignition timing and secure distributor to the adapter. Parts List Ref. No Part No. Description Qty/kit 1 3A0007 Distributor Clamp adapter 1 2 3A0009 Distributor Drive, modified 1 3 HC0405 Bolt,1/4-20X0.63",gr5 2 4 HF0405 Bolt, 3/8-24x1.0",gr5 1 5 WS3041 SAE washer, 1/4"` 2 6 WL2041 Split lockwasher, 1/4 2 7 WT2061 Toothed washer,external, 3/8 1 8 AN960-616 A/C washer, 3/8" std. 3 9 AN960-616L A/C washer, 3/8" thin 1