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 2017 VARAC Vintage Grand Prix

 Created by: DonRacine
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Jul 1, 2017 08:27PM kd  
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 Posted: Jul 1, 2017 08:27PM
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Will try to get a few of the Mainly Minis racing fans to come to Tremblant to cheer you on... 


Keith & Deb

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 Posted: Jun 5, 2017 01:14PM
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Hi Don,
glad you will able to make it!
I will be there on Thursday to set up for Mini Meet North. We will located in the infield by turn #2.
Most of the minis are parked in the lower Paddock. (See the area highlighted in red in the photo )

check out the official website for updates!!!!!  http://www.minimeetnorth.com


 Posted: Jun 5, 2017 05:33AM
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We have made it thru the Vintage races at Sonoma with little problems and thus are on schedule to drive to Toronto for the 2017 VARAC Vintage Grand Prix.  We expect to arrive at the race track on Wed in time for practice on Thursday and was hopping for some guidance.  We will be staying at the track in our motor-home and was hopping to get some recommendations as to where the best spot in the pits to park??  In our ideal world it would be great to have at least power so we don't have to run a generator all week.  Looks like 6 or 7 other Minis will be running as well as even more Midgets/Sprites; hopefully someone has some advice.

PS- also looking for a place to store the RV with race trailer for a couple weeks before going on to the Vintage Races at Mont Tremblant- needs to be close to Toronto as I will be flying in and out of there.