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 home garage lifts

 Created by: barchetta1
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 Posted: Jun 16, 2017 09:41AM
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For lifting MiNIs or Minis?

 Posted: Jun 16, 2017 06:11AM
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I am still using a Scissor lift and am pretty happy with it.  You may be able to find more info in the link below

 Posted: Jun 8, 2017 07:08PM
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I have a dannmar maxjax for my mini. works pretty good. I usually put the lifting pads on front and rear subframe. not sure if I would use a quick jack and lift off of the sheet metal.

 Posted: Jun 8, 2017 10:39AM
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Has anyone used a quickjack BL3500SLX for there car or have any familiarality with this specific lift?