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Austin Mini Door Hinge Kit Cast Mk1 And Mk11

Austin Mini Door Hinge Kit Cast Mk1 And Mk11

Austin Mini Door Hinge Kit Cast Mk1 And Mk11
Part No: 14A6818K
SALE Price $229.56
Was: $279.95
You save: $50.39
Perhaps one of the most endearing features of the early Minis are the external door hinge; that is, until they are worn beyond repair and sag so much that the door won't close. Replacements are available, in a set of four as each hinge is different. While we are surely dedicated to maintaining our cars in 'as new' condition, these great reproductions may not last forever. Keep a spare set of your own at these great prices!

Kit does not come with gaskets, part numbers BMP135 and ALA7844, 4 each required.
Cast into the rear of all reproductions hinges is a number. They fit 1/2 on top right; 3/4 on top left; 5/6 on bottom right; 7/8 on bottom left. Left and right are as viewed from inside of the car facing forward.

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Created: August 24, 2012
Mini External Hinges: Positions and Fasteners.   External Hinges were used on Minis starting with the first cars off of the assembly line and continued with little change for a number of years, especially on the Vans and Pickups. You will also find them on roll-up window doors used on many...
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