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Classic Austin Mini Aldon Red Distributor For A +

Classic Austin Mini Aldon Red Distributor For A +

Classic Austin Mini Aldon Red Distributor For A +
Internet Price $325.96
The Aldon Red dizzy is designed to delay full advance for high compression, high revving applications. Full centrifugal advance. New everything means total accuracy of timing. Fits all the latest A-Plus engine blocks.
Once the engine has been modified, it will invariably require a different ignition curve; especially, when compression ratios have been raised and camshafts changed. There is no substitute for a tailor-made distributor determined by an engine or chassis dyno session; however, this can be prohibitively expensive! We offer the Aldon Automotive range of distributors for A Series engines.
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Created: September 25, 2000
Any deviation away from the original standard engine specification, or where a dizzy from another source is used in the engine you have, the ignition timing will generally be different from that set by the manufacturer.
Created: September 15, 2000
Any dizzy can be set to get maximum power. No problem. Unfortunately that's only one spot on the whole power curve/rpm range. If the curve isn't right elsewhere, the engine will be either loosing power - in some instances by substantial amounts - or detonating its self into oblivion and a costly re-build.
DISTRIBUTORS - working basics.
Created: September 15, 2000
To maximize power and economy potential from any engine, burning the compressed fuel/air mixture at precisely the right point throughout the engines entire rpm range is essential. This ‘point’ is generally somewhere before the piston reaches TDC on its power stroke described in degrees - i.e. 10 degrees BTDC.
Created: September 15, 2000
Since the A-Series has such an efficient combustion chamber design, the standard points set-up is perfectly capable of providing sufficient sparks for effective combustion when new. And this is the problem. They require regular servicing to maintain maximum performance. This can be a chore, so is generally neglected.
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