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How To Modify Your Mini By David Vizard - Tuning

How To Modify Your Mini By David Vizard - Tuning

How To Modify Your Mini By David Vizard - Tuning
How to Modify Your Mini (a.k.a. "The bible")
By David Vizard
This is the first and only book ever written on "Complete" Mini and Mini Cooper upgrading. While the Mini engine info may be a little old and redone in Vizard's later book, "Tuning BL's A-Series Engine" (see Part Number F732), nothing can replace all the other info on suspension, brakes, etc. No Mini Cooper owner should consider not owning this fantastic book. This book applies to any year of the Mini, Mini Cooper or Mini Cooper "S"
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Created: February 22, 2006
I was a little skeptical at first at what Vizard had to offer beyond what I thought was a very complete "How to Modify Your Mini" book which I have had for well over a decade. I had heard that Vizard’s "Tuning the A-Series Engine" was quite the wealth of information but having never read it my...
Book Review, Tuning the A-Series Engine
Created: December 31, 2005
Vizard shatters the myths and makes sure you get all of the theory along the way. The A-series engine is the example, and he’s built a reputation around it, but his techniques and your learning go way beyond this single family of engines.
Created: June 19, 2000
Standard Minis have always been slower than their handling was capable of. Fortunately, many people have devoted their careers to making Minis go faster. As a result, you can fit your Mini with a double overhead cam 16 valve cylinder head, a turbocharger, and programmable electronic fuel injection.
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