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Ebc Kevlar Greenstuff Brake Pads ,mini , Sprite & Midget

Ebc Kevlar Greenstuff Brake Pads ,mini , Sprite & Midget

Ebc Kevlar Greenstuff Brake Pads ,mini , Sprite & Midget
Brake pads for 8.4" diameter brake dics for MINI, with single pot calipers as fitted to all Minis 1984 on, later 1275GT, Sprite and Midget. In EBC Kevlar Greenstuff Material.
Technical Information:
EBC Brakes, USA

Founded in 1978, the EBC Brakes Group is still a private company owned exclusively by the current managing director Andy Freeman.
From its early days of being one of the pioneers of the disc brake pad aftermarket for motorcycles since they were first introduced on motorcycles in 1976, EBC Brakes has grown to be a worldwide group with strengths in every area of the brake industry.
Pioneers in the true sense of the word, describes the EBC Group.
Having successfully dominated the motorcycle industry with majority market shares in most western markets, EBC Brakes has developed a huge range of brakes for mountain bikes, automobiles, race and rally cars, vans, trucks, buses, commercial vehicles and even mainline locomotives.
Being also the last truly independent British friction materials manufacturer, EBC Brakes has manufacturing facilities in Northampton & Bristol, England as well as Cleveland, Ohio in the United States. EBC products are distributed throughout the world with distributors in many countries. If you are interested in buying our products or becoming a distributor please check availability in the “where to buy” sections of this web site.
This web site covers mountain bike, motorcycle and automotive brakes, for details on larger vehicles, trucks, off highway vehicles, rapid transit systems and locomotives see our affiliate company web site at

The Inside Story on EBC Brakes
     HISTORY SO FAR ... For over twenty years now, EBC has been the dominant force in motorcycle brakes all over the world with a list of national and world championship winners using our products, looking like the who’s who of racing. EBC Brakes have been used by the last three successive World Super Sport Champions in motorcycle Roadracing alone.
OFF ROAD EBC continues to dominate with Arena Cross US Champion Buddy Antunez clinching four US titles using EBC Brakes and World Champion Joel Smets signing up in 2001 for a fifth successive year with the EBC product, due to its quality and performance.
On the Mountain Bike Scene, thanks to the help of multiple Gold medalist, downhill pro Steve Peat, EBC is the dominating aftermarket supplier, manufacturing Disc Brake Pads for premier mountain bike system builders such as Cannondale, Hope Technology, Magura, Hayes, Avid, Shimano, to mention a few. EBC also manufacture a full range of Kart Pads.
EBC launched its AUTOMOTIVE range of Disc Brake Pads in the late 80’s and their rise to success in the European market has been nothing less than meteoric. The future certainly looks bright for EBC Brakes based on this well founded history of championship winning quality and know-how in disc pad manufacture.


The Present   

“Greenstuff” is the name coined to describe our current sport automotive pad. A high friction Aramid based organic pad with very low metallic content that comes on strong from first application of the brake pedal, without disc damage and minimal brake dust. Recommended for road use and hillclimb only.

“Redstuff”, our semi metallic high performance road material made a flying start in saloon car racing, having clinched the Slick 50 Saloon Car Championship with the Honda of Ian Mitchell in 1997, with extensive use by many race teams going into 1999 on the Porsche 924 Championship cars and on European Citroen Saxo and BMW class racing. Now only recommended for road use in cars with 200BHP+.

“Yellowstuff” is the name for EBC’s latest full race formulation which is currently in race use in Europe and was the choice of 1999/2000/2001 series winners Nick Reynolds and Martin Bell in the BMW Class, Westfield and S2000 Championships in 2002.

Our endurance grade, longest lasting material "Bluestuff" has a slightly lower friction coefficient than its counterparts Green, Yellow and Red but delivers far longer life and is suitable for endurance races up to six hours in duration on most types of saloon cars. It is obviously the drivers responsibility to evaluate the lifetime before undertaking any types of race use.

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