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1.5 Manifold For Sprite & Mg Single Hif4 Hs4

1.5 Manifold For Sprite & Mg Single Hif4 Hs4

1.5 Manifold For Sprite & Mg Single Hif4 Hs4
We have produced our own range of cast alloy intake manifolds for the many SU applications covering the A-Series Sprite/Midget engine. The single SU manifolds are developed to give maximum airflow and gas speed, yet fit all engines even if the standard air cleaner set-up is used. It has 1/2" pipe thru for heating with water and the as-cast finish provides maximum fuel atomization.
C-AHT771 takes 1.5" carbs, HS or HIF type. USE C-22A152 x 4 STUD to mount carb.
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