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Brake Calipers (pair) Alloy S For 7.5 Discs Uses Metro Pads

Brake Calipers (pair) Alloy S For 7.5 Discs Uses Metro Pads

Brake Calipers (pair) Alloy S For 7.5 Discs Uses Metro Pads
Pair of 4-pot alloy calipers for 7.5" diameter brake discs with 10" wheels. Kit includes pad retaining clips and pins, but not brake pads.
Note: pads have to be modified by cutting/filing off a small corner part of the metal on two pads. This does not impair the quality of this fitment.
The advantage of alloy calipers is that they dissipate heat quicker, reducing fluid boiling. The design also helps to expel pad dust and heat from the contact area. The 4 pot design provide a much more uniform pressure and far superior braking. Uses standard Metro pads (with very minor modifications noted above) which are larger and, by virtue of 2 pistons each pushing against the pad, increases pad contact and brake efficiency. Note- these do not work with Mamba or Cosmic or 10" stock steel wheels
In the future event that these calipers might need to be rebuilt the correct kit number is GRK5003
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