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Coil Spring Kit Street (4) Blue Mini & Mini Cooper S

Coil Spring Kit Street (4) Blue Mini & Mini Cooper S

Coil Spring Kit Street (4) Blue Mini & Mini Cooper S
It has been said that one of the biggest improvements that can be made to a Mini is to replace the rubber cone springs. When that statement was made it referred to new rubber cones… there is now a new standard in Mini springing: coil springs! This direct-replacement kit includes everything to replace the harsh riding rubber cones with proper springs. Anodized aluminum perches allow the springs to be fitted to either the stock trumpets or Hi-Los. The highest quality progressive winding is used to insure that the springs will not sag after many years of use, unlike the rubber cones. Available in three spring rates: C-SRP100 is soft (Blue), C-SRP200 is firm (Red), and C-SRP250 competition spec.
Oversized rebound buffers for the front are available as part number 2A4267C. Oversized rear bump stop are available as C-SRP015.

Any time you do major suspension work on a Mini involving the front spring (rubber cone), you will need to have this tool (part number 660330). It comes with center posts to work with early (SAE thread 1/2" X 20 fine thread) and late (metric - 14X2) cones. All suspension cones since 1976 have been metric.

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