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Gear Primary 1275 A+ 29 Tooth

Gear Primary 1275 A+ 29 Tooth

Gear Primary 1275 A+ 29 Tooth
Part No: DAM8890
Internet Price $487.95
A+ Primary Gear Counting 29 teeth is one method to ID this gear, another is to look for the small groove cut aound the entire gear! This goove is the same mark as found on all A+ gears! DAM8890
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Assembling the engine to gearbox (transmission) is explained and simplified in this article. Contrary to popular mis-guidance, all BBUs will fit all four-syncro gearboxes. It was only the three-syncro boxes that varied in casting dimensions causing hassles where 1275s were applied to 850/998 gearbox casings. The longer throw and bigger crank and rod assembly dimensions fouled the sculpted areas in the gearbox case,
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