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Twin Hs2 W/manifold

Twin Hs2 W/manifold

Twin Hs2 W/manifold
This complete New twin 1 1/4" SU carb set-up will solve many problems! There are times when it is not too difficult to fix a part- but there are also times it is much better to just replace it! Dealing with new carbs is the best answer when it comes to fixing a carb problem. This kit includes manifold, linkage and carbs!
Technical Information:
Carburation and Interchanges

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Carburation and Interchanges

What is the correct carburation that you should use on a Mini?  The answer will depend on what size engine you have and what you are trying to achieve. Over the years, the factory used the SU type of carburation on the Mini. They used a wide range from the single 1.25" to the 1.75" to a duel set up. It is possible to interchange or upgrade to different size or styles of carbs, depending on manifold set up and engine size. Also, the Weber carburetor can be adapted to fit as well. We offer several upgrades and kits as well as new and rebuilt carbs that are all listed on our web site. When we build 1275/1380 engines in our shop, the majority of the time we and customers prefer the SU 1.75" HIF44 single carb. The SU carburetor is the best for reliability, longevity, and drivability, and retains the originality of the Mini. Our sales department can help with any upgrades and interchanges that would best fit your Mini.

We also have several articles you can read up on pertaining to carburation in the Mini.


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