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Rear Wheel Cylinder .5625 Late Model Mini

Rear Wheel Cylinder .5625 Late Model Mini

Rear Wheel Cylinder .5625 Late Model Mini
9/16" rear wheel cylinder. Originally used for ERA Turbo and some diagonal split systems in the mid-70s. The only difference is a locating dowel in the back of the cylinder which can easily be removed or the backplate drilled. Rear wheel cylinder with 0.6875" bore size first appeared in 1974 on single line 1275GT cars and then on some split diagonal until 1976--also fitted to Innocenti cars when they had a unique 4 way swith union--- repair kits for these cylinders are GRK2004
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Created: December 13, 2000
The other 4-way valve on the bulkhead on later cars (part number FAM7821) is frequently wrongly identified as one of the above as they are similar. However, this unit does not have the electrical connection, and has a cylinder sticking out one end. This IS a brake pressure regulator, only fitted to front/rear split systems as far as I'm aware. The PDWA is built into the master cylinders in these applications.
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