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Classic Austin Mini Kad Aluminum Back Pressure Plate And Race Flywheel

Classic Austin Mini Kad Aluminum Back Pressure Plate And Race Flywheel

Classic Austin Mini Kad Aluminum Back Pressure Plate And Race Flywheel
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KAD’s alloy flywheels and back plates are an essential fitment for any tuned engine.

Often steel flywheels will friction weld themselves to the steel crank resulting in expensive damage to the crank taper, this is especially true with high revving engines. KAD’s flywheel uses a replaceable in a dissimilar steel for the centre which avoids this problem.

The flywheel and back plate are CNC machined from 7075T6 aero grade aluminium alloy which gives them the strength to handle big power whilst remaining light enough to allow fast engine acceleration.

Since 2004, the flywheels and back plates are supplied with bolt in friction linings which allow user replacement if wear occurs. Both organic and sintered clutch plates can be used with orange or grey diaphragm clutch covers.

The flywheel is supplied with ring gears to suit either later pre-engaged or early Bendix type starter motors.

• Weight: flywheel with ring gear 2.8kg, backplate weight 0.8kg
• CNC machined from 7075T6 alloy
• Flywheel has sintered steel centre which is replaceable and reduces tendency to fret on crank compared with steel flywheels when used with EN40B cranks
• Flywheel ring gear suits either pre-engaged or Bendix type starter
• Can be used with either fibre or sintered clutch plates

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