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Coil Spring Suspension Upgrade Kit With Kyb Shocks

Coil Spring Suspension Upgrade Kit With Kyb Shocks

Coil Spring Suspension Upgrade Kit With Kyb Shocks
It has been said that one of the biggest improvements that can be made to a Mini is to replace the rubber cone springs. When that statement was made it referred to new rubber cones… there is now a new standard in Mini springing: coil springs! This direct-replacement kit includes everything to replace the harsh riding rubber cones with proper springs. Anodized aluminum perches allow the springs to be fitted to either the stock trumpets or Hi-Los. The highest quality progressive winding is used to insure that the springs will not sag after many years of use, unlike the rubber cones.
Springs included are the blue springs, SRP100.
Our MMKT0118 also comes complete with a new set of KYB shock absorbers for the front and rear of the car.
Oversized rebound buffers for the front are available as part number 2A4267C. Oversized rear bump stop are available as C-SRP015.
Technical Information:
Classic Mini Suspension
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Classic Mini Suspension

The Classic Mini suspension design was far ahead of it's time with advanced driving attributes long before most vehicles.  Maintenance and upgrades will assure you of continued enjoyment


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