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Part No: MMT1051
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The rear corner post of the Traveller is the most often replaced individual piece of wood on the car. Early (948cc) models have holes for single tail lights (MMT1026 for right side, MMT1027 for left) while later models (1098cc) have two (MMT1051 right, MMT1052 left). The Morris Minor Traveller was one of the real "woodies"! The rear wood section of the Traveller is structural and must be maintained or the entire thing could collapse. Several good articles have been written on the process of repair and/or replacement of the wood; one of these articles can be found on the Mini Mania web site under "Technical Articles". Replacement of individual pieces, while being a bit time consuming, can save you some money. We are pleased to be able to offer ANY piece of wood on the Traveller in an exact copy of the original, even down to the original species of wood. In addition to individual pieces of timber, we now have an arrangement with a highly respected manufacturer to supply us a complete kit for the car. In the past this has been terribly expensive because of the shipping cost; they were shipped fully assembled! Our new arrangement provides that the manufacturer do a complete dry assembly and then break the kit down to the smallest components for a shipment that can easily go by UPS. Kit comes complete with screws and glue.
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