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Austin Mini 10 Row Oil Cooler

Austin Mini 10 Row Oil Cooler

Austin Mini 10 Row Oil Cooler
Part No: MOC10ROW
Internet Price $99.96
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The very early Cooper "S" models had a small 10 row oil cooler mounted at a forward angle under the radiator. If you still have an original- then you absolutely need one of these. Remember that in addition to their obvious purpose, oil coolers also act as a debris trap. Whenever a motor has lost its bearing or anything of question, you should replace the filter. On a race motor your should replace the filter every time you rebuild the motor!
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Created: February 03, 2011
In the past, fitting an oil cooler was mandatory once an engine had been even slightly uprated. The main cause for this was the quality of Motor Oils available at that time. If the oil temperatures exceeded a specific point, then engine failure was almost guaranteed.
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The correct running temperature of the oil is perhaps even more important than the water/coolant temperatures - so let us consider how to control them. Mainly because it seems to be the most misunderstood of the whole process, and oil cooler fitment almost a reflex when over-heating occurs where a tuned engine of any type is concerned. And in many cases on standard production road cars for that matter.
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