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Cylinder Head 35.7 Mm Inlet 29.5 Mm Exhaust

Cylinder Head 35.7 Mm Inlet 29.5 Mm Exhaust

Cylinder Head 35.7 Mm Inlet 29.5 Mm Exhaust
35.7 MM inlet valve and 29.5 mm exhaust valve suitable for road sports use. For pre 1992 vehicle with bypass hose (21.4cc)
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Cylinder head - What can easily be achieved
Created: February 03, 2011
The engine build I recently covered in previous Mini Magazine issues developed into a bit of an ongoing 'project'. During a discourse with the editorial staff at Mini Mag, it was decided the build feature presented an ideal opportunity to demonstrate just exactly what such an engine build is capable of in days where it's generally believed you have to have an all-singing, all-dancing 1380cc engine to have an enjoyable road burner - leaving those with very limited budgets a little depressed.
MSE3 - PRE 1992 unleaded Stage 2 (Road Rocket) large-bore head
Created: October 20, 2000
Modified to give maximum performance gain for cost. Combustion chambers, inlet and exhaust ports extensively re-worked. Stone-ground finish in ports promotes ultimate fuel atomisation. Three-angle valve seats in head. Cooper S size valves with current maximum flow profiles and Tuftrided for durability/longevity when used with unleaded fuel (hence 'black' finish).
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