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Poly Lower Arm Bushings, Set Of 4

Poly Lower Arm Bushings, Set Of 4

Poly Lower Arm Bushings, Set Of 4
If you have your Mini set up to handle, these polyurethane lower arm bushes are an easy upgrade and even easier to install than the stock rubber-sleeved type. 1965 and later use these tapered style on the lower arm (the one with the bend to clear the axle shafts for suspension travel).

These will last longer, do a better job of locating the suspension arms, yet don't seem to deliver a harsher ride. One kit (4 bushings) required to do both arms.

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Stay in shape longer
My previous bushings that looked a lot more rubbery would oval-out on the inside in just a few months. So much that you could pull on the hub and see the lower arm move in and out. I am running fully adjustable, 2 deg. neg. camber and drive like a nut so am glad I gave these improved bushings.
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