Classic Motorsports Magazine and Mini Mania have teamed up to restore a 1967 Mini Cooper S.  This rare jewel still has a complete Cooper S drivetrain and hydrolastic suspension as well as an under-the-hood original Tartan Red paint job. The folks over at Classic Motorsports have been chronicling the restoration since September 14 2013.  So, here we will catch you up on the work that has been done and will keep you updated on what's next.


Check out the following links to read about this fun Restoration Project!


1. Project Introduction: 1967 Mini Cooper S

2. Picking Through the Parts

3. Starting our Mini's Rebuild

4. Building the Lower End

5. Head Work

6. Time for a Clutch

7. Putting our Mini's Transmission back together

8. Changing our Mini's Rings and Pinion Gears

9. Tiny Wheels and Tires

10. Rebuilding the Shifter Mechanism

11. Stripping down the little Body

12. Rehabbing Subframes and Suspension

13. Blasted Media!

14. Assessing the Remains

15. Priming the Whole Car

16. Rebuilding the Hydrolastic Displacers

17. Powdercoating the Suspension

18. Body Welding

19. Visiting Heritage Garage

20. Metalwork Resumes in Earnest

21. Fixing the Mini's Cowl and Inner Fender Well

22. Carb Rebuild 

23. Front Suspension Assembly

24. On To The Rear Suspension

25. Testing the Engine Out Of The Vehicle

26. Flooring It

27. Finishing the Floor