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Auction List 
My Auctions 
Anyone can browse the auctions listing. In order to place bids you must have a Mini Mania user account that is currently logged in. If you do not have a user account you can create one by clicking here.

There are three main parts of the auctions system.

Main listing: this is where you can view a list of current valid auctions and the relevant info such as price, number of bids, time remaining etc.

Auction details: this is where you can view the detailed information about a specific auction, place bids / buyouts, or purchase an auction that you have won.

My auctions: this page shows any auction that you have interacted with and it's current status. My auctions lets you quickly determine what is happening with your current bids and find auctions that you have won / lost.

To bid on an auction, simply select it from the auction listing and click the bid button on the detail page. Next you will be taken to the bid entry screen, this screen lets you enter your desired bid amount and confirm your agreement to our auctions disclaimer. From the bid entry screen it is also possible to get a preview of the shipping costs for the auction. See the 'shipping' section below for more info on shipping charges.

In order to place bids you must have a Mini Mania user account that is currently logged in, for more info see the 'requirements' section above.

Email notifications will be sent in the event that you are outbid or win the auction. The email will contain a link to quickly get back to the auction to place a new bid, or purchase auctions that you have won. You can also quickly check on any auction that you have interacted with via the 'my auctions' page.

Some Items have a hidden reserve price, and will not be won unless the reserve is met.

By placing a bid you are entering into a contract with Mini Mania. In doing so you are agreeing to purchase the auction at the winning bid price if you are the winning bidder.

Some auctions will have a buyout price. If you choose to buyout an auction it immediately ends with you as the winner for that price. You will taken to a page where you can preview the shipping costs before you commit to buy the auction and agree to our disclaimer.

In the event that you do not complete the checkout on the auction, it will remain in in the my auctions listing as an auction that was won via buyout, and allow you to go back and complete the checkout later.

When you choose to buyout an auction you are entering into a contract with Mini Mania. In doing so you are committing to purchase this auction at the listed buyout price.

Shipping for auction items is not included in the auction price, it will be calculated separately at the time of checkout. A list of preview shipping quotes for a particular auction is available at the time of bid / buyout.

The shipping quotes will be calculated using the last ship to address we have available for your account. If no previous info is available then you will be presented with a state, zip, country selection in order to get shipping quotes. In the event that pre-selected info is incorrect, or if you wish to see a preview for a different address, click the 'update' link and you will be able to change the shipping information and get a new set of quotes.

We make every effort to provide the most accurate shipping quotes possible however sometimes we will not be able to get quotes for certain ship to locations or for items that do not have shipping weights and dimensions in our database.

All prices, bids, and buyouts listed in auctions are in US dollars only and will not take into account your currency selection. Please be aware of this when placing bids / buyouts.