The MiniWorld office has been bombarded with complaints from world Mini fans saying that their local Mini aftermarket traders have been prosecuted by BMW/Rover lawyers for using the names Mini, Cooper and various logos which are BMW-owned brands. Unlike some other manufacturers, who have protected their own brands with a polite but firm phone call to trademark transgressors, this punitive approach is threatening to put some companies out of business. This will inevitably make it more difficult to keep our Minis alive as classic cars for future generations. BMW tells us that some customers might think that they are dealing with an official Mini dealer by mistake. Oddly this hasn't been a problem for the last 41 years. Either way, the Mini community now sees BMW as a potent and destructive force which is contributing to the early death of Minis. Not a great PR victory for a company which has already covered itself in shame after the Rover debacle. Nor is it a great start for the BMW Mini, which really ought to have the goodwill of all Mini owners.