BMW is threatening to sue a tiny garage...because it advertises repairs for the Mini. The garage has been specialising in the British classic car for more than seven years. But the Mini marque was bought by BMW in 1995 when it acquired Rover. Lawyers for the German car giant have written to the Devon garage, saying: "Over a long period of time, our client has built up a substantial reputation and goodwill in the names, marks and logos associated with the Mini. "By using the word Mini to market and sell your products and business, members of the public will be confused into believing that your good services are in some way connected or authorised by BMW when this is not the case. This constitutes passing off and is actionable." The letter shocked brothers Paul and Richard Tupp, who started the South West Mini Centre in Kingsteignton seven years ago. "We were furious when we received the letter," said Richard, 40. "There have been no problems for the past five years. "If they had given us a year or so to sort things out, maybe we would have understood. "We don't know what to do now. Their purse is much bigger than ours, but we don't just want to roll over." Mini spokesman Mike McHale said: "The issue is one of copyright protection aimed at protecting the brand name. "The firm can sell itself as the South West Car Centre, your Mini specialist, but it can't say just Mini specialist."