'A' Series BMC


Supplied are 2 screws. Replace the original bolts with screws after modifying cover plate.

Manufacturer's Statement:

Rollmaster are C.N.C. machined, high tensile steel sprockets using double row O6B-2 chain. Care must be taken to inspect key & keyways & shafts for damage before fitting. Do not use pin punches as damage will occur. Use a drift such as a pipe or sleeve. Machine to suit the boss area.

No responsibility will be taken for improper fitment or usage or damage incurred.

Mini Cooper Camshaft timing chain kit

0 STD cam timing
A keys to left of STD mark will adv cam timing
R keys to right of STD mark will rtd cam timing
2 2 degrees Keys at crank will give a value of 1,2,3,4 degrees ADV or RTD at the camshaft. The ratio is 2:1.
4 4 degrees
6 6 degrees
8 8 degrees