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Although the 998/1300 stage one kits are bolt on parts, easily fitted by any person with mechanical knowledge, the following must be understood:

1) The engine will require adjustment/tuning after fitment and specialist equipment or knowledge is required. It is advisable to have the car set up on a rolling road and ensure exhaust emissions are correct.
2) The kit is not recommended for vehicles with factory fitted engine management control units, ie 1275cc – 1993 on.
3) Fitting of extra engine/gearbox stabilisers is recommended.

This C-STN17 kit includes: Freeflow exhaust manifold, Mini Spares inlet manifold, RC40 exhaust system and fitting kit, K&N filter element, replacement carburetor needle (spring loaded BIAS type only), manifold gasket, and carburetor gasket.

Remove old exhaust system and combination manifold. Remove carburetor from old manifold.
Undo engine steady bar at engine end and rocker cover to ease fitment of exhaust manifold without disconnecting driveshafts on rod type gearboxes.*
*NOTE - The manifold steady bracket MUST be fitted to diff side plate bolt to avoid manifold breakage. If rubber coupling type is used, it may be necessary to disconnect it.

Fit the inlet manifold BEFORE fitting carburetor. Once manifolds are in place, refit rocker cover and fit carburetor assembly to manifold.
Remove carburetor dashpot and fit new needle.
Remove old air filter element and fit new K&N element. Fit air cleaner to carburetor.
Reconnect engine steady bar.
Remove old exhaust mounts and fit new ones supplied.
Loosely hang RC40 system until best fit is achieved, then tighten all mountings.

TIMING: 5º BTDC, vac disconnected at 1000 rpm(strobe setting). Recheck when engine is warmed up.
MIXTURE: 2•'5f- 3% CO at idle.
1. Standard induction and exhaust system
2. Modified system using MG Metro inlet manifold
3. Modified system using Mini Spares inlet manifold

Results obtained from fitting this kit:
20% more power
12% more torque
Best MPG 55
Worst MPG 42
Average 47

No significant noise increase

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