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BMW Mini Cooper
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Classic Mini Cooper Dash / Windscreen Washers

MINI Catalog Page 12-49
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Part No



GWW102 1 NLA
Manual washer pump
GWW125 1
Electric washer pump
1980 on
GWW130 1
Electric washer pump, fits on bottle in boot
1992 on
Washer tubing 1/8" - per foot
Washer tubing 1/4" - per foot
GWW918 1
Washer bottle round MK1/2
Small 1/2 litre washer bottle, takes small cap GWW9511 MK3 on
Use GWW906
GWW906 1
Large 1 litre washer bottle, takes GWW952 cap
MK3 on
GWW907 1
1.7 litre washer bottle, takes GWW952 cap
No Longer Available
GWW935 1
Washer bottle fitted in boot
1992 on
GWW504 1
Valve for use with GWW807 jet MK1/2
10  GWW506 1
Valve for use with GWW804 jet MK3
10  GWW601 1
Filter replaces valve when using electric pump
Use GWW506
10  GWW515 1
Non return valve when GWW935 fitted
11  GWW401 1
T piece, MK4 1980 on
11  GWW208 1
T piece, for bottle when fitted in boot
No Longer Available
12  GWW408 1
T piece, was GWW407 MK1/2/3
No Longer Available
12  GWW404 1
T piece, small bore tube when electric pump fitted
13  GWW804 2
Jet, MK1/2 black
No Longer Available
13  MS389 2
Jet, MK1/2, twin jet nut fit
14  GWW810 2
Jet, Chrome, nut fit single jet MK1/2
Relieve body
14  GWW801 2
Jet, Chrome, nut fit twin jet MK1/2
for later cars
15  GWW804 2
Jet, MK3 fits round locating hole
15  GWW812 2
Jet, twin jet holes, round locating hole
No Longer Available
15  GWW842 2
Jet, fits ā€˜Dā€™ shaped locating hole
1981 on
16  GWW951 1
Cap for GWW916/GWW906 (fits in GWW952)
17  GWW952 1
Cap for GWW907 (GWW987 fits centre hole)
18  GWW973 1
Cap for GWW935
Use GWW975
19  CZH1624 1
Bracket for windscreen bottle
19  CZG1496 1
Bracket for windscreen bottle in boot
No Longer Available
21  EAM9670 1
Top dash rail, Black, to 1990
No Longer Available
21  JPC4594PMA 1
Top dash rail, Black, 1991 on
No Longer Available
22  CZH623 2
Demist vent when padded facia
No Longer Available
23  YGA4694 1
Ashtray (was CZH625)
24  ALA6621 1
Lower parcel shelf pad, black
24  JPC2412 1
Lower parcel shelf pad, grey
Use ALA6621
25  14A8009 1
Moulding for lower shelf pad
26  GHF1500 8
Clip for 14A8009
Use 14A8094
27  24A1538 1
Ashtray with lid in metal top rail - Chrome Finish
27  8D2490 1
Fluted Top Metal Ashtray
Not Shown
28  14E3386 1
Switch panel, MK1 cumulous Grey
29  ALE2960 1
Switch panel, MK2 switch panel
30  14A7172 1
Surround for MK1 switch panel
31  ALA6640 1
Surround for MK2 on, switch panel
32  24A2702 1
Speedo cowl deluxe
33  14A9907 1
Beading for cowl
34  14A9796 14
Clip for beading
35  14A9949 2
Air vent bezel, Black when metal facia
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