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BMW Mini Cooper

Classic Mini Cooper Driving Flanges & Front Wheel Bearings

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Classic Mini Cooper Driving Flanges & Front Wheel Bearings

MINI Catalog Page 8-5
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Part No



GHS173 2
Oil seal with protector shield inner
GHS101 2
Oil seal outer
2A4361 2
Spacer, 0.094
Discs except S No Longer Available
21A1307 2
Spacer, 0.229
No longer Available
GHB1018 2
Ball bearing kit with seals
GHB143K 2
Timken kit with seals
Bearing, early type without built in spacer
GHB211 2
Bearing with built in spacer
Use kit GHB1018
21A233 4
Bearing spacer for early type GHB113 only
No longer Available
21A231 4
Drive flange, drum brakes only
BTA191 2
Drive flange, 997/998cc Cooper 7
No longer Available
21A1270 2
Drive flange, Cooper ‘S’ 1275GT, 7.5" brake disc
With 10" wheels
21A2695 2
Drive flange, 8.4" brake disc, late GT, all Mini’s 1984 on
12" wheels
NAM6450F 2
Drive flange, Turbo Metro/ERA 8" vented disc
SF604061 8
Drive flange to brake disc screw
For 21A1270
CMZ407 8
Drive flange to brake disc screw
For BTA193
10  BTA370 8
Drive flange to brake disc bolt
10  ADU6472 8
Drive flange to brake disc bolt
For GBD496
11  2A4295 2
Collar for rear of 21A231/BTA191 drive flange
Drum brakes and Cooper
12  FAM9270 2
Outer tapered collar was BTA243, with BTA249 only
All disc except Cooper
13  BTA663 2
Inner collar on very early 21A1270 flanges
Deleted by 1966 - NLA
14  2A7323 2
Washers, for use with 21A79 only
Drum brakes and Cooper 997/998
15  21A79 2
Nuts, all drum brakes and Cooper
11/8 AF socket size
15  BTA249 2
Nuts, disc type except Cooper
15/16 AF socket size
16  NAM5645 16
Studs for NAM6450F/21A2695
Replaces BTA339
16  BTA339 16
Studs, 1.1875
Now NAM5645
16  21A2064 16
Studs, Mini and ‘S’ 1.375" (35mm) shaft length
Thread length 0.875"
16  21A2064L 16
Studs, Mini and ‘S’ 2.000" (50.8mm) shaft length
Thread length 1.1250"
17  88G322 16
Wheel nuts, round radius chamfer angle
17  SUS176 16
Wheel nuts, 60° chamfer angle
Steel wheels 1985 on
18  GAW115 16
Mini special 10
18  NAM9075 16
Latest Cooper wheel nuts (Minilite lookalike)
18  FAM5701 16
Late Mini 10" Wheels With Plastic Hubcaps
18  FAM3721 16
Wheel nuts for 10
No longer Available
18  AJM1139 16
Wheel nuts for 12
Mayfair 1985 on
18  FAM4010 16
Wheel nuts for Denovo, Rostyle
No longer Available
18  FAM64 16
Wheel nuts for 12
No longer Available
19  FAM2563 16
Washers for FAM5701/3721
No longer Available
19  FAM65 16
Washers for FAM64
No longer Available
20  CN1 16
Chrome wheel nuts
Alternative to 88G322
20  AHA8785 16
Chrome wheel nuts, 60° chamfer dome -
1275 GT Rostyle wheel
20  CN2 16
Chrome wheel nuts, 60° chamfer angle
Weller steel and Rostyle
20  CN5 16
Wheel Lug Nut Chrome Large Seat 60 Degree Taper 1-3/8 Long
20  CN3 16
Wheel Lug Nut 6a Bolt Type Original Minilite/wolfrace/slot M
20  CN4 16
Classic Mini-wheel Lug Nut Chrome Acorn Wide Seat Stock Radiused Tap
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