Club Displays at NCA 2014

This event represents a great early summer meeting opportunity for your club members.

  • Great location in California’s Gold County make it ideal for a day or weekend visit
  • Free Lunch
  • Reserved parking for all your members
  • First ever “Ask the experts panel",
  • Covered table & chairs for members
  • Special *Awards for best club theme display
  • Easy display of banners and club literature
  • Banners will be available for any club with 10 or more members in support
  • Showcase on the reasons you have the best club
  • Awards for best club displays
  • $25 discount for Dyno Testing for any member of a club that has set up a display

Pre-registration is encouraged but not required for participants. However it will be essential if you plan to establish your own "Club Mall".  (drop [email protected] an e-mail to reserve a spot)

Judging criteria!

Each club earns a point for each of the categories below and the club with the most points wins! (Club to pick their best cars to be judged for each category listed below)

1. Best interactive club (Talks to other attendees looking at their cars)
2. Lowest Mini
3. Best engine bay (Chrome, turbo, strut braces, good quality fittings etc.)
4. Best non factory audio installation
5. Best interior to suit car
6. Best rims to suit car
7. Best paint/graphics/wrap to suit car
8. Best selection of cars from a club
9. Best club display/theme on the day

* Prizes for Clubs

1st place # $200 MM Gift Certificate
2nd place # $100 MM Gift Certificate
3rd place # $50 MM Gift Certificate
Individual Categories – Certificate or plaque