Did you know?

If you are working on your engine and you want to do it right then you should consider how you are going to drive the camshaft. People often spend a lot of time picking the camshaft and then ignore the exact reason they spent so much time picking the cam. Driving the cam and controlling the timing relationships between the cam and the crank is what camshaft drive systems are all about. It makes no difference what the cam does if it does not do it in sync with the crank and pistons.

The line boring of motors is becoming increasing necessary as engines age and as the demands on them continue to rise. And while this process does provide a lot of needed benefits, the only downside is that it moves the crank closer to the camshaft which means that even a new sets of gears and chain will not be tight enough to accurately control camshaft timing. These special gear kits are designed with very slightly oversized gears to compensate for this distortion. Available in different increments to accommodate various line bores.