Around 100,000 people in a column four miles long filed through Birmingham on Saturday to protest against BMW's sale of Rover. Police were forced to close the city centre - and were ordered to leave their BMW motorbikes at home and follow the march on foot. Among the marchers, who carried anti-BMW placards, were pop group UB40 and 1970s union leader Derek Robinson, known as Red Robbo. "This day was bound to come," he said. City leader Albert Bore told the crowds at a rally in Cannon Hill Park, Edgbaston: "What we have seen is the rape of Rover. In the West Midlands up to 50,000 jobs can go. BMW pay no regard at all to that." Marcher Susan Wilkes, 51, who has worked at Rover's Longbridge plant since she was 15, said: "It has all fallen apart so quickly that I can barely take it in."