I found my Mini in a wreck yard in Maryland back in 1966 or 67. It had new brakes and wasn't rusted but was dirty inside and outside with faded paint. It needed a new battery, insurance, tag and a good cleaning, oil & filter, the tires were still good. I had paid $100 US and had to tow it home. That 1964 Morris Mini 850 ran great and only had one major problem which I fixed with an exploded view of the engine/transmission assembly I found. Being a 'wrench' I found it easy to remove the front sub frame and do the repairs myself (never had another problem). I kept my Mini until I went to the Orient in 1968 and never saw it again.
I have enclosed a photo of the Mini it was originally Red but was so faded I had to rub the paint with a course rubbing compound and it turned out dark raspberry.