Women and the Mini - Mini Mania Inc.

    I was introduced to the Cooper for the 1st time watching 'The Italian Job'.  Actually, I did not love it.  A few years later when it was time to buy a new car my husband suggested the Mini and by that time it had grown on me some.  Once I took it for a test drive, however, I WAS IN LOVE!!  Oh!  The power... the control... the cornering... and it's FAST!  I have owned 2 Coopers since 2006.  I absolutely LOVE this car!!  As some of you probably experience, many people ask me about my car.  I most often get asked "How do you like it?"  My response to everyone is always, "I LOVE it!  It is so much FUN to drive!  You need to drive one.  If you do, then you will be sold."  Etc. etc.  
     I also have an interest in ALL things British, such as, tea, Jane Eyre, Shakespeare, royalty, hats, medieval history, castles, knights, my dog and NOW my MINI!...  So I HAD to do the Union Jacks!  My license plates reflect my affection of the theater, but also my playful personality (AKTNUP).  I can't picture myself in ANY other car.  This MINI has ME written all over it!

I just found a 'local' MINI club and I am hoping to go to the first meeting in June.



Jullianne Kramer
Richmond, VA