Women and the Mini - Mini Mania Inc.

It all started 3 years ago in February when I finally bought my beloved MINI Cooper S, Chili Red with racing stripes. I found her through Craig's list and drove down to Boston to meet her. She was beautiful, the sport version and came with a Dinan after-market exhaust system and strut bar that increased her horsepower.. It was true love at first site.

I remember the first time I got behind the wheel I was literally shaking with excitement. "I'm finally behind the wheel of my dream car," I thought. I drove it home to Vermont in a snowstorm that night without any snow tires. It was an interesting ride to say the least. It was probably the only time I ever let my husband drive the car (we're no longer married).

I have raced her on the autocross track a few times and find it hard to express how much fun that is. Just listening to the vroom, vroom of the engine as the tachometer red lines it, is worth the $40 in admission.

Each night I park her in such a way that when I open my door in the morning to go to work, she's staring right at me waiting for me to drive her like a dog anticipating a walk. I can't help but smile. When I get in, turn the key and listen to her purr, it truly warms my heart.

At work I park her right outside the window so I can glance over at her throughout the day. Each time I pass by I look out and think "isn't she cute." It's what gets me through the work day, that and the thought of driving her home.

Those who don't own their own MINI, might think I'm a little obsessed with my car. And those who do, know exactly what i'm talking about.

Attached is a picture of the day we met and fell in love as well as a picture of me racing her. Isn't she purdy? She has a Dinan Exhaust & Strut Bar too!
Katrina VanTyne & Sassy Lady
Waterbury, VT