Which Engine Oil for your MINI?  

The following guide is designed to help you find the right MINI tested, MINI approved OEM Fully Synthetic Engine Oil  SAE 0W-20 or SAE 0W-30 made for your MINI.


Gen1 (R50, R52, R53) Engine Oils  |  Gen2 (R54-R61) Engine Oils  |  Gen3 (F54 - F60) Engine Oils   |  Engine Oil Bag

Oil for Gen1 (2002-2006) Models

R50 Cooper Hatchback  |  R52 Cooper S Convertible  | R53 Cooper S Hatchback

Factory Recommended Engine Oil


Oil for Gen2 (2007-2016) Models

R56 Hardtop |  R55 Clubman |  R57 Convertible |   R58 Coupe |  R59 Roadster |  R60 Countryman |  R61 Paceman

Factory Recommended Engine Oil, Change Kits and Tune Up Kits

NOTE - These Oil Change and Tune Up Kits are only for Non-S R54 to R61 Models.



Oil for Gen3 F-Series (2007-2016) Models

F54 Clubman  |  F55 Hardtop 4-Door  |  F56 Hardtop  |  F57 Convertible  |  F60 Countryman 

Factory Recommended Engine Oil, Oil Change Kits, Liqui Moly Fully Synthetic and OEM Oil and Filter Service Kits

For all 3rd Generation MINIs model year 2014 and later recommended for the F-Series MINI Cooper non-S models with the B38 / B36 3-cylinder 1.5 liter engines.



And Don't Forget....

Engine Oil Bag

Handy storage bag with MINI lettering on front holds a one-quart container of MINI high-performance engine oil.   Keep a quart / liter of oil 'safely' in your MINI just in case you suddenly discover you are low in oil.  Motor oil not included.

Bag also includes:

  • 2 paper funnels  |  2 gloves  |  napkins for wiping the dipstick  |  2 wipe up towels  |  Three Velcro strips on the back easily attach to the inside of the trunk.

And Other Engine Oil Accessories