Classic Mini Body Dimensions: General Data

Note that vehicle weight vary depending on options (e.g. automatic transmission, suspension type) and year of vehicle (1959-2000); the chart below is intended for use as a general guide only, as the factory manuals and paperwork have stated different weights for the same model of car, for example. An older-model Classic Mini may weigh between 580kg and 660kg, and late-1990s models weigh approximately 700kg.

Figures for length, width and height are the same for all Classic Minis (including Clubmans except where specified), excepting Canadian models with safety-legislation bumpers Innocentis, Authis and Australian models, which used differently-contoured body panels may vary in external dimensions (especially width and height) by a couple of inches.

  Saloon (Sedan) Van/Estate/Pickup (long wheelbase) Moke (Classic)
General Data      
Length 10ft 1/4in (3.05m)
10ft 4-5/8in (3.16m) Clubman
10ft 9-7/8in (3.259m)
11ft 2in (3.4m) Clubman Estate
10ft 0in (3.04m)
Width 4ft 7-1/2in (1.41m) 4ft 7-1/2in (1.41m) 4ft 3-1/2in (1.36m)
Height 4ft 5in (1.35m) 4ft 6-1/2in (1.38m) van
4ft 5-1/2in (1.36m) others
4ft 8in (1.42m)
Ground Clearance 6-5/32in (15.63cm) 6-5/32in (13.63cm) 6-1/2in (16.2 cm)
Wheelbase 6ft 8-5/32in (2.036m) 7ft 5/32in (2.138m) 6ft 8-5/32in (2.036m)
Weight 587kg (Mk1 dry suspension)
634.5kg (Mk1 hydrolastic)
605kg (van)
660kg (traveller)
604kg (pickup)
Weight (engine and transmission) 333lb (151kg) manual
357 lb (162 kg) automatic, Mk1 850, others may vary by a few kg.
- -
Weight Distribution
64:36 (unloaded)
63:37 (with driver)
53:47 (full load)
58:42 (unloaded)
55:45 (with driver)
48:52 (full load)
(van/estate only)
Bodyshell Data      
Weight 310 lb bare, 435 lb with subframes 420 lb (except Pickup)  
Torsional rigidity 8,450 lbft/degree 6,874 lbft/degree  
Classic Mini body and subframe horizontal alignment check