Mini Cooper Antenna Application Guide

One of the most popular and easiest modifications to the MINI is the Antenna. The original 16 inch antenna can easily be damaged in a drive-thru car wash - the shorter ones are a lot more durable and look much better.  This guide aims to simplify the selection process from the many available options.

  The shorter antennas look much nicer, but they 'can' have slightly weaker AM reception.  If you live in a rural area and listen to weak AM signals, the longer antennas will work better.  If you live in a metropolitan area, the shorter ones should work fine.

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GEN1 Antennas

GEN2 Antennas

GEN3 Antennas


GEN1 Antennas

GEN2 Antennas

Find your MINI's Antenna:

  • MINI R50 Hatchback
  • MINI R52 Convertible
  • MINI R53 Convertible
  • MINI R55 Clubman
  • MINI R56 Hatchback
  • MINI R57 Convertible
  • MINI R58 Coupe
  • MINI R59 Roadster
  • MINI R60 Countryman
  • MINI R61 Paceman
  • MINI F54 Clubman
  • MINI F55 Hatchback
  • MINI F56 Hatchback
  • MINI F57 Convertible
  • MINI F60 Countryman