I bought my MINI Cooper from a couple in Taos, NM who were moving to Costa Rica. She's a stylin' silver S, 2006, 6 speed, with just about every bell and whistle they could have put on her, including a set of studded snow tires piled in the back seat ready for snow season.  

The first thing I did, other than carefully remove the snow tires, was order a custom dog-bed liner for the back as I have a 150-lb Newfoundland dog who thinks this is HER car. Then I downloaded the Motor Vehicle office's license order form, so I could try and get a vanity plate saying "HIHO-AG" (for Hi Ho, Silver, get it?) but incredibly, that plate and its variations are already taken. Amazing.

My MINI's been all over New Mexico, out to Kansas City, Denver and Flagstaff, and it's a marvelous car. My friends laugh, and my husband, a "Dr. Who" fan, calls it "the Tardis," since it can carry all the supplies for a horse show, my big dog, and it's even carried 10 bags of horse grain at a time. It's a hard-working car, and has been so right from Day 1!