Polarity Resolution Notes

SU Fuel pump FUL117 (AZX1332)

If your pump came to you with a warning label advising that Correct Polarity be observed, this sheet is for you.

If you have converted your car to negative ground, and if you have a pump marked as above, you must also modify the pump to work properly with your electrical system.   

Open the pump cover. Underneath the cover should be a DIODE. In order to reverse the polarity of the pump, you must reverse the diode. It looks like a resistor and should have two wires coming out of it.

Mark or carefully note the orientation of the diode (its marking look like this:    ) so that after removing and reversing it, you don t put it right back the way it was!

Carefully desolder the wires, taking care not to overheat the component or the pump, reverse the diode and resolder the diode in place.

Reinstall the pump cover.