Women and the Mini - Mini Mania Inc.

My Name is Tammy & my new girl is June.Women and the Mini - Mini Mania Inc.
She is a 6 speed manual 2010 JCW Metallic Graphite Black Mini and we reside in the Beautiful Okanagan Valley in BC, Canada.  She is my second as my first - Sally, 2008 Lightning Blue Mini Cooper S,  went to Mini Heaven when she was in a horrific crash with my two son & daughter in June 2010.  I was told that these cars were too small and unsafe and I shouldn't own one.  Well, Sally proved them wrong when my children walked away with a goose egg & a small cut from the broken glass after she cart wheeled three times.  Sally was a total write-off & I cry when I think what she has done for my family :'(

Needless to say, I bought another Mini and I drive my JCW everyday with huge smiles and the power is invigorating.   Road trip for 2011 is to drive to Vegas with my Hubby :)


 Tammy & June

RIP Sally - I LOVE you