We're Donating 5% of Sales to Charity
Sunday, December 2 - Sunday, December 9, 2018

Join Us in Giving Back This Holiday Season

This holiday season we hope you'll think of those less fortunate, those who suffer day after day.  Look around at all you have with appreciation but also consider the countless number of people and animals struggling on a daily basis.  Abuse, neglect, sickness and disease, homelessness, natural disasters.  Many are dealing with these hardships right this second.  Let's reach out with giving, loving hearts and help enrich the lives of others and bring happiness to those who are hurting.  Because the stronger we are individually...the stronger we are as a nation, and a world. 

Our team here at Mini Mania wants to live these words and not just speak or write them.  So, we are donating 5% off our sales from December 2 through December 9 to select charities. Your purchases will go a long way in helping us help others.  Please join us in giving back.  Together, we can make a difference. 

After careful consideration we've chosen to equally donate to four top-rated charity organizations. Our criteria when considering what charities to support included making sure the organization allocates its donations responsibly with the majority of money going towards the cause it supports, not one with high administrative overhead.  Financial transparency also played an important role in our selection. It's important to us to support charities that openly share how much money they bring in, how much they spend and how it's spent. You can read more about the charities we selected or make a donation of your own by clicking through the links below.  For help in deciding where to make our donations we used two charity rating websites, charitynavigator.org and charitywatch.org

The Following Charity Organizations Will Receive Our Donations
(5% of sales from December 2-9, 2018, divided equally)

Humanitarian Aid Organization

Help CA Wildfire Victims

For Research in Epilepsy (CURE)

CURE Epilepsy

Supporting Kids & Their Families

Child Welfare & Safety

Cruelty & Neglect Prevention

Animal Welfare